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Thomas Kosmala

This oriental fragrance by Thomas Kosmala is the epitome of sophistication. With opening notes of precious saffron and cardamom, this rich scent unveils an elegant rose accord wrapped in a base of radiant amber and sandalwood. It's rounded off with a hint of oud, adding depth and opulence. About th..
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Thomas Kosmala continues to showcase the emotive potency of blending raw perfume materials into wondrous new combinations in this Bliss in Paradise Eau de Parfum. The exotic Oud fragrance enthralls the senses with bergamot and saffron at the top, before blending into patchouli, olibanum and labdanum..
908 ريال
Ex Tax:790 ريال
Aromatic drops inspired by wood chips dipped in essential oils create warm and deep incense. - The modern and elegant oriental scent carries drops of enchanting amber and musk in an amazing harmony for men and women. - The perfume gives you the opportunity to enjoy a modern look that draws attenti..
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Special aromatic drops reveal your artistic and soft sensual tendencies, unlike traditional blends. - The combination of amber with musk and incense makes it a charming and exciting oriental blend that envelops you with a glowing and aromatic scent in all places. - The scent is designed for men an..
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This Thomas Kosmala Light of Grace Eau de Parfum features a fragrance that opens with an elegant ambrette and iris flower accord before gently unveiling a warm white oud and creamy musk base. About the brand:0..
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Luxurious and vibrant aromatic freshness enriched with delicious citrus and the glowing heat of mint boosts your energy and vitality every day. - The mixture adds a soft, gentle coolness to your heart that relieves stress and heat on summer days. - The scents of lemon and orange with vetiver make ..
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This nuanced, multi-layered scent captures the erotic energy and languorous mood of skin meeting skin. Bitter orange and lemon zest add zip to the top notes before cooling down to a base of wood, musk and amber...
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