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Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml

Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml
Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml
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Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml
Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml
Amouage Imitation Woman Edp 100 Ml


Imitation Woman hurtles us across the diverse and energetic neighborhoods of '70s NYC, sweeping us through the flower-lined gardens of Central Park, the scandalous discos of Midtown and underground bars of the Villages, the nonstop hustle of the Boogie Down Bronx and the rich ethnic enclaves of Brooklyn and Queens. Intensely bright jasmine-led florals dominate the opening, while a sparkle of aldehyde cuts through the boozy, sweet heart. A sultry, smoky drydown seduces with the dangerous allure of a city not yet "cleaned up, " where unpredictability and freedom went hand in hand. Among the freshest, most energetic women's florals Amouage has ever produced, Imitation Woman is a boldly, romantically chaotic scent- just like the city and era that produced it.

About the brand:

Over the past 35 years, Amouage's fragrances have continued to reflect the wonderful heritage and mastery of perfume creation. Devoted to developing finely blended perfumes with only the highest quality ingredients, the brand adopts an inventive and highly creative approach to all its creations, continuously reinventing itself and sustaining a reputation of integrity and innovation.


Brand Amouage
Perfume Name • امواج اميتيشن (Amouage Imitation)
Concentration Eau de Parfum
Gender Women
Olfactory Groups Chypre Floral
size 100 Ml
Year of Launch 2018
Notes Top Note Ylang ylang Orange buds Jasmine Roses Heart Note Black currant Aldehydes Race mite Base Note Incense Patchouli Sandalwood


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